Fun at the Zoo

Mar 6, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Today was a beautiful day. Little Scoops and I got to share it with friends at the zoo. Our fun included a baby giraffe, picnic and playing on the playground. And we can’t forget the carousel. It is amazing how a  machine that twirls round and round can put such big smiles on kid’s faces.

After afternoon nap we went to the pet store where we visited the little lonely cats. For someone who is annoyed by animals it breaks my heart to see those little cats all locked up and lonely. So we had to stay a little while and talk to each one and call them by name so they would feel special. I think Scoops is starting to want a pet. Our little fish just arent cutting it anymore. We will have to hold off on a furry friend though or his dad and I will have to wear a mask around the house to breathe. After our visit to the pet store we went for ice cream. We had a fun little night just the two of us. We were really happy when daddy got home though. Better close for now. Night!

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