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Yes, I know its been awhile since my last post. I figured a year should give me plenty of things to write about. Since my last post we do have a new addition to our home. We got a call in February 2013 that a little boy was born and we were going to get to be his mommy and daddy. We traveled to the hospital to visit this 2 day old little one. I remember walking in the hospital room and being greeted by a sweet face. She immediately picked up our little one and handed him to me. I was in shock and not sure how to act. He was such a beautiful little baby and I mean little. He was born 6 weeks early and was a whopping 5lbs 2oz. He had the sweetest little cry. We spent the next few hours holding this sweet little baby and talking to his brave birth momma. This brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. She really is the bravest person I know. I can’t imagine what she was feeling and how hard it must have been to entrust this sweet boy to us. When our sweet boy was 4 days old we got the call we would get to take him home. We headed back to the hospital where we had to learn how to use a car bed for our precious cargo. He was having trouble breathing in a regular infant car seat. While we were getting schooled on the car bed our birth mom was bathing and dressing our sweet boy. She had him all ready for his ride home. This is something else that blessed my heart. The hardest thing I have ever done was leaving that hospital with our baby boy watching his birth mom cry as we left. I remember touching her as we left and telling her we loved her.

Our “little bit” was a good little baby. He slept pretty well for a newborn. He ate like a champ which still holds true. We had lots of visitors stop by and love on him. If you are one of those that visited or brought us meals thank you so much. His big brother “scoops” loved loved meeting him. He liked to help me feed him and he loved to show him toys. Hubs and I rotated feeding shifts at night which means I got caught up on my Downton Abby and Call the Midwife shows. I was a little sleep deprived but those nights were precious to me. I loved snuggling and kissing baby boys silky black hair. All seemed well in our little world.

At about 2 weeks old we had an appointment at our adoption agency for them to see how sweet baby was doing and how we were transitioning with another little one in the house. Our appointment went well and we were excited to show baby off since it had been a whole 2 weeks since they seen him last. After our appointment one of the lead ladies at the agency poked her head in and said she needed to talk with us before we left. She came in sat down and the world stood still.

Our sweet boy is Native American and a beautiful Native American boy at that. The agency had gotten word that his tribe was going to intervene. This meant there was a possibility we would not get to parent this sweet boy we had been loving on the past 2 weeks. I immediately broke down. We were told we could place baby in foster care till all the legal stuff was finished and it was decided if the tribe would take over or we would get to keep our little one. That was never something I wanted to do. In my mind if loving him for a short time was all we got then I was going to love him with all I had so we kept him with us. We met my parents after this meeting and I cried all through lunch. We immediately called on our prayer warriors to begin praying for our “little bit”. If you prayed for us you were a very important part to our journey. Thank you so much!

“Little Bits” birth mom was such an special person in this journey. She fought for us which still amazes me. She is very proud of her heritage but loved this sweet baby so much and felt it was best for him to be with us. The more I now know she really is brave to take that kind of stand. She is sometimes looked down upon for her stand. This makes me love her all the more. I felt a great connection with birth mom and felt I needed to keep the communication open with her. I tried to message her every few days to let her know we are there for her and I also needed her to keep me sane through this adoption journey. Every week we got some scary or anxiety driven news that we might not get to keep our sweet boy.

After more drama than we could wrap our minds and hearts around we were instructed to hire our own attorney. I had a friend that had gone through a similar adoption journey so she recommended someone to us. This was where our journey starting looking hopeful. Our attorney Noel Tucker was such a blessing. She encouraged us when we really saw no light at the end of the tunnel. After a couple meetings with her and lots of paperwork we were ready to go to court and fight for our little one.

I had been called the week before court by our attorney. She told me I would be testifying. What!?! I was scared but would have done anything to keep our baby boy. Birth mom and I testified and I think we both did really well. Our adoption agencies attorney thought it was neat that when I was asked who birth mom was to me, I said friend. Court went really well and we had an awesome judge hearing our case. Things were ruled in our favor and we just had to wait till finalization day and “little bit” would be ours. I have left many details, heartache and joyful moments out of this I’m sure.

In August 2013 we finalized our adoption. Thank you Jesus!! This process was so hard but God was/is faithful. He carried us through. Your prayers encouraged us. Your financial support eases our stress. We are so thankful for sweet family and friends that have traveled this journey with us. I am so thankful for a birth mom that loved us enough to stick up for us. I am thankful she loved her son so much to give him life. Most of all I am thankful to God for our little blessing, our baby boy.


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